English: email envelope

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a newsletter junkie. If you’ve got a mailing list, I’m probably on it. Unfortunately, this gives me a little bit of email overload.

I seriously get several hundred emails a day. That’s a lot of email. Do I read most of it? Of course not. So it piles up in my inbox and mocks me. Some of it I’m truly interested in and I really want to read and savor. Most of it is just junk.

So for a while now, my morning routine is to open up my email and just mass delete some of the tons of missives that arrived overnight. Then, during the day, I jump into my email frequently to delete frantically as the day goes on. It’s ridiculous, on many levels.

This week, I’m trying something new. I’ve instituted an email diet.

If I haven’t read a subscription or I don’t even know who or what the email is from/about/whatever? Poof. Unsubscribe. I’ve been hard at it for three days now, and Monday was the worst. Today has been pretty decent so far, except for getting emails from places I know that I unsubscribed from on Monday. Yanno what I do then?

I hit that big ol’ spam button.

Yup. As far as I’m concerned, if – in this day and age of instant everything – your mailing list provider and/or system cannot remove my email address instantly, you’re a spammer. You added me instantly to your list, why is it so freaking difficult to remove me from it?

The other frustrating thing I’m encountering are those “You’ve been unsubscribed!” emails. No kidding. Ya don’t say. Good thing I checked my email.

I’m hoping this frees me up to get through the couple thousand or so emails that I have sitting unread. Oh, and maybe catch up on this whole blogging thing.