That First Adoption Fair

One Werkin It

One werkin’ it at the adoption fair.

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So, when I left off, we had finally found an agency who was willing to let me bring the kittens there to show them off to the public at large. Remember also that the deal with Hubby was that no one could stay. Everyone had to find a forever home that was NOT OURS.

The kittens hadn’t been out of their nursery before, so the car ride to the adoption fair and the crowd of people were scary, to say the very least. Honestly, I wasn’t all that hip to the crowds, myself.

I was thrilled to find out that there was someone who saw the kittens on the Look Homeward Kitty Facebook page and wanted to meet one of the kittens, though. Amazingly enough, they even showed up toward the beginning of the fair and asked to hold Silver. Within moments, Silver was asleep and the couple was in love with her.

I Mean Come On

I mean, come on.

One of my biggest worries was, “How in the world am I going to know that the people who want the kittens are the right people???” Watching Silver with her new parents, I realized that the kittens would let me know. There was no one on earth who knew those little guys better than me, and I knew they would tell me, I just had to trust them.

A woman fell in love with little Four, and she held her for almost two hours. Four liked her, I could tell, but it didn’t seem like true love. Also, I just had a bad feeling. There was a little girl with her, a friend of her daughter’s, and she fell in love with Five. Up until that point, I’d been okay with people touching and holding the kittens.

It wasn’t easy, mind you, but I was okay with it. But the little girl holding Five? The only thing that I could think was, “Get off my cat.” I was in trouble. Serious trouble. Hours that felt like days later, it was time to pack everyone up and come home.

The couple who wanted to adopt Silver filled out their paperwork and we set up a time for me to call them and let them know I’d done their vet check. The woman who was interested in Four filled out her paperwork and I did the same with her. Then I went home feeling great that two cats probably had homes. And feeling terrible because there was one that I didn’t want to let go of at all.

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This Kitten Adoption Thing is SO Easy

Baby One

Baby “One”

If you’ve missed the beginning of all this sharing, you can find the first posts here:

Okay, so. Everybody loves kittens, right? And it’s super easy to find good homes for five adorable kittens, right? You’d think so. You’d be wrong, but you’d still think so. I know, because that’s what I thought, too.

Let me back up for a second. One of the rules that Hubby laid down for me when this happened was that we weren’t keeping any of them. Not one little fluffy butt was staying in our home. They could stay for as long as they needed in order to find homes, but that. was. it.

Reasonable rule. I totally understood it. I also totally understood why Hubby wouldn’t go into the office or help out with the kittens. See, here’s a secret: he’s a softer touch than *I* am, even. If he were in there with those kittens from go? We would have seven cats right now.

Climbing Baby

Don’t get attached. Don’t get attached. Don’t get attached.

Since getting attached was not an option, I couldn’t give the kittens names. But I had to distinguish them somehow, so I started calling them by their “numbers.” One, pictured above, was the first one brought to me. Followed quickly by Two, and then Silver. Aha! Gotcha there, didn’t I? For some reason, that little pale silver girl was never “Three” to me. She told me her name was Silver, and Silver it stayed. Our little rescues from under the house became Four and Five.

There are a ton of rescue organizations out there, and my immediate hope was that one of them would have a foster situation available when the kittens were ready to be weaned. Have you heard the term “Kitten Season”? It’s a term in cat rescue that refers to those times of the year in which rescues and shelters are overrun by kittens. Late summer/early fall is one of several kitten seasons.

If you guessed that this means that there was not a single foster to be had, you are correct. Truth be told, I was attached to these little furry ninjas already and the thought of them living with someone else and that person choosing their forever homes didn’t sit well with me.

Also, organizations couldn’t help me. No one knew of anyone who wanted to adopt, and there were adoption events, but there was a catch. All five kittens would have to be spayed or neutered before attending and they would have to have all of their shots first. They were so tiny. I couldn’t stand the thought of them going through surgeries that young.

So I wrote to everyone that had an email address. I called rescues, and shelters. Someone finally gave me the name of an Animal Control Officer to call. I was literally in tears by the time I talked to him. He was incredibly nice, but I’m sure that phone call is – to date – one of the oddest he has ever received. He gave me the contact information for a wonderful organization called Look Homeward Kitty.

These folks take in homeless cats and kittens, foster them, and bring them to an adoption fair every single week. They interview veterinarians and references for potential adopters, and then bring the cats and kittens to a spay/neuter clinic for their surgery and shots before adoption. And they were willing to let me bring my five hooligans to their fair.

I am still in awe of their generosity.

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Review: Leven Rose Organic Rosehip Oil


Disclosure: I received this product for free so I could try it out for myself and review it. That fact does not change or influence my opinion at all. Also, there’s an affiliate link in this post.

I love essential oils, carrier oils, and all sorts of oil-related skincare stuffs. So when the good folks at Leven Rose sent me an invitation to try their Rosehip Oil (that’s an affiliate link), I was intrigued.

I’ve tried all sorts of exotic oils on my skin, but never rosehip oil. So it was time to give it a try.

Leven Rose’s version is:

“…cultivated in the mountains of Chile, where they are grown free of pesticides and fertilizers to the keep the plants 100% organic. Packaged in the USA.”

Some of the benefits of rosehip oil are:

  • It fights fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It moisturizes skin.
  • It contains tons of antioxidants.
  • It helps skin to heal, and some people report less scar formation.
  • It helps to reduce acne.

All of these are pretty great reasons to use rosehip oil.

(This picture links to an affiliate link.)

I have to be super honest here. I’m extremely inconsistent with any sort of skin care routine these days. I hardly ever wear makeup, I rarely use moisturizer and when I do, it’s an oil of some sort. I wash my face mostly with water only. Everything else tends to irritate my skin or give me a headache, so I’ve pared down considerably on what I use.

I love this rosehip oil. It’s what’s known as a dry oil because it goes on without that slippery, greasy feeling that a lot of oils have. It sank into my skin really quickly, and I could tell a difference in the moisture level right away.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I’m really only noticing how great my skin feels. There may be fewer fine lines, but honestly I don’t pay any attention to those anyway. Managed to get some good skin genes somewhere in the mix.

A little bit goes a long way, so I expect to have this bottle for quite a while. My cuticles are looking pretty dry, so I’m going to have to start using it on my hands, too.

Oh, and the cats? Go crazy when they smell this stuff. Both Cy and Maia have to sniff my face and my hands whenever I put some on.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know your experiences with it – I’d love to know how you liked it!

Kittens, Part 2


A fuzzy picture of fuzzy babies.

Betcha thought there was never gonna be a Part 2, huh? Yeah, me too for a minute. After writing Part 1, I never expected to get so distracted but there you are.

Anyway, we left off with me in the office marveling over the three tiny lives that Miss Grey had brought to me, literally placing them at my feet. Powerful stuff, that. When Hubby came in and asked about who was crying, we went into full-on action mode.

I grabbed Miss G and tried to get her to go under the house again. Nope. No dice. She wasn’t gonna do it. We tried all sorts of ways to get her back under there to get the other kitten, but she was having none of that. I begged her. I pleaded. Nope.

It was getting dark and even flashlights weren’t making much headway under the house. The worst part? As soon as we made even the tiniest bit of noise the kitten stopped crying. Total radio silence.

We were heartbroken. We could hear the kitten, knew it was there, and couldn’t find it to save our lives. Or, more importantly, the kitten’s. I’ll spare you the full story, but this went on for two more days. Two. more. days. I was a basket case, but Miss G was happily nursing her three kittens. It was hard not to be a little angry at her, frankly. She knew how many kittens she had, dammit, and she only brought me SOME of them.

Finally, day 3. We hadn’t heard the kitten that day, and we were putting off going under the house because we were sure by then it would not be a rescue mission but would instead be a recovery mission. And then I heard the loudest kitten cries yet. I started asking any deity available to just keep the kitten crying and to keep it where we could find it. To let us help it. Please.


All five kittens together.

When I went outside, I heard the loudest crying right next to the back steps. Hubby helped me peel back the siding and I reached in to find….two little babies, cuddled up to each other. There wasn’t one additional kitten, there were two. And they were RIGHT THERE. In an area that we’d checked before and found nothing.

I scooped them up and raced into the kitten nursery, worried now that she’d ignore them and that these poor babies were going to be abandoned twice over. Amazingly, she dropped and nursed them both right then, cleaning them and cooing to them. I have never been so amazed at anything in my life.

For two days solid, those two kittens nursed and built up their strength. Within a week, you couldn’t tell which ones had been left behind if I didn’t tell you. They were all gorgeous, and they were all so loved. Within six weeks, Miss G was ready to leave motherhood behind, though, and weaning began. Next we had to find them all homes.

Should be no trouble at all to find homes for five sweet, affectionate, gorgeous kittens, right? Yeah, no trouble at all.

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Introducing Our World is Beauty and

11145948_10152635582400964_2067872256_nToday I’ve got a guest post for you from a blogging friend of mine that I’ve known for several years now. Stephen is a world traveler with a variety of interests, many of which are reflected in the information he shares with his followers.

I’d like to introduce two new sites I’ve recently started (my name is Stephen and I’m long-time blogging friend of Cricket’s). The first is Our World is Beauty and focuses on various types of beauty schools: barber schools, makeup artist schools, nail schools, cosmetology schools, and esthetician schools. The other is a Canadian insurance site focusing on cheap car insurance in Ontario, amongst other things.

The first site about beauty schools will eventually expand more and more into beauty products. Our World is Beauty already has pages on essential barber tools, and makeup for sensitive skin. The plan is to work on getting the site more visits from prospective barber students and other types of beauty students, and to help them make an informed decision about school, specifically answering the question “Is it right for me?” Then, if they do decide barber school, etcetera is a good fit, hopefully give them good advice on what they need for school and review different products they might find useful. There are also pages for every state listing available beauty schools in each discipline.

Though not initially interested in the beauty arts I have come to appreciate them more and more as I have delved into writing for the site (and getting content written: thanks Cricket!). The greatest beauty is the one that shines from within, but beauty artists and technicians can definitely make that inner beauty come forth even more! If you want to help out please tweet or share a page from the site. Thanks!

The second site, as I mentioned is about Canadian insurance and more specifically Canadian car/auto insurance. Ontario has had very high insurance rates for many years and Ontarians are in need of good advice on how to reduce their premiums. I think the site is an excellent resource for those trying to save some money on car insurance. There are a number of points of really good advice about inexpensive Ontario auto insurance that apply to car insurance almost anywhere in the world. Though everyone knows that your recent accident history greatly affects your premiums did you know that your marital status figures into your premiums? Married people are safer drivers — maybe it has something to do with keeping yourself safe and healthy for the benefit of your spouse and/or children. Things like the size of your car and the safety rating of your car also have an effect. Even your level of education can raise or lower your insurance rates. Higher educated people generally have better driving records and so pay less for insurance. At any rate please visit and if you find it a good resource, share. Thanks, again!