Words, Words, Words

They’re kind of my stock in trade. Words, I mean.

I write a lot of words for other people to make a living. Words that they need in a particular order to get the attention of the people they want to talk to. I don’t do it in a skeevy way, before you go there.

No keyword stuffing or iffy longtail keywords or any of that jazz. Just information that people can hopefully use.

Until this year, I hadn’t jumped on that word of the year deal. So many words!! Who can choose??

Something was nudging me this year, though, and I was contemplating words. I had a small list going. Oddly, a few I’d gotten from one of those “what words do you see?” memes going around.

Then a friend of mine offered to share with her followers what her Guides were offering to people as their words for the year, then later the month. Score! Two words for the price of one!

For the year, my word is HARMONY. Oh, dear. That feels like a big word, right? And deceptive in its simplicity. On the surface, there’s the common meaning, the one about notes composed in a pleasing way. Then there’s this:

“…literally “means of joining,” used of ship-planks, etc., also “settled government, order,” related to harmos “fastenings of a door; joint, shoulder,” from PIE ar(ə)-smo-, suffixed form of root *ar- “to fit together.””

Whoa. That’s….pretty interesting. Noodling it more. I have all year to do so.

For the month, my word is WRITE. I’d already been planning to get this site fired back up again and to put something, anything, out here. Then I get the instruction to just WRITE. Funny story, through an interesting set of circumstances, I’m writing in TWO places that are “new” for me. And they’re just for me. If someone else shows up, that’s great, but it’s not something I’m actively seeking.

Do I know what I’m doing? Shit no. But I’m writing. I’ll see what happens from there.

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