This Poor Domain

I’ve owned it for well over a decade by now, and boy has it seen some things. A couple of big database crashes — you’d think you have that all backed up and, well…you’d likely be wrong.

Then there was the great hacking of 2019. That was all my fault. Update your plugins and main installations, kids! More important than you think.

Lots has changed in my life since the first post I ever put out here. Lots. And there are more changes afoot, I’m sure. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what makes me tick, for instance. I’m neurodivergent and that heavily factors in.

I might start talking about that here. I might not.

My word for this month is “write,” according to a friend’s Guides. I do that every day for other people, but I do it so rarely for myself these days.

I have a very strong issue with pathological demand avoidance (PDA – not the fun kind) — which is one of the many things that I learned has a name in the past year.

So there’s a very fine line for me between accountability and a demand. I’m never quite sure where that line is, but deadlines motivate me, so you see how all of taht is a conundrum wrapped up in a dichotomy for me, right?

The upshot is that I’ll be exploring here more and definitely writing here more.

It’s an empty space, after all, so it needs exploring.

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