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How I Use Tea Tree Oil

Do you use tea tree oil much? I do, especially lately. There’s a lot that it can do for you. To wit:

  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antiviral
  • expectorant
  • handles inflammation
  • helps to heal wounds
  • fights dandruff
  • cleanses
  • deodorizes
  • can kill fleas and lice – special note: ONLY use tea tree oil on dogs. Never use essential oils on cats because they can’t process them.
  • goes to work on skin problems
  • de-itches insect bites

That’s a lot, right? Yeah, it can do even more.


Use it Neat

I love to use tea tree oil neat, which means without diluting it, if you’re new to using essential oils. Tea tree is safe to use neat, although you might feel a little sting if you have sensitive skin. If you have really sensitive skin, you might want to always use it diluted. You can use tea tree neat on acne, cold sores, insect bites, or even scratches and other wounds. I do that sometimes when one of the cats has scratched me to make sure that the wound is cleaned out without dragging out peroxide or antibiotic creams.

Use it for Skin Care

Speaking of acne, I like to use tea tree oil when my skin is feeling or acting a little oilier or more finicky than usual. This summer, I’ve really enjoyed mixing a drop or two into some aloe vera or coconut oil. Then I slather the mixture all over and go about my business. Within a day or two, everything’s happy again. Some students of nail care also use tea tree oil to cure athlete’s foot and other nail fungus issues.

Use it in an Inhalation

Tea tree is really useful — and easy — in an inhalation. If you’ve got a sinus infection or you’re worried that you’re developing one, add a few drops of tea tree to a pan of boiled water. While the water is still hot and steamy, put a towel over your head and lean over the pot so that the towel blocks the steam in with you. Breathe deeply for a minute or two and then take a break. Repeat until you’re tired of hanging your face over a pot of water. 🙂

Kill Mold and Mildew

I hate mold and mildew, but in the humid south, they’re constant companions. Tea tree to the rescue. Add a couple of teaspoons of tea tree oil to a couple of cups of water in an empty spray bottle. Spray onto the mold or mildew and then wait a little bit. Really stubborn areas may need more than one treatment to see results. If you have cats, don’t do this unless you can kick them out of the room until the oil is fully rinsed away.

What do you do with tea tree oil?